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Autumn in Japan

I think one of best season to visit to Japan is autumn, especially autumn coloured leaves period.
The mountain’s colour is changing green to yellow and red.  It’s called “Kouyou” 紅葉.

Many people are going to the mountains and the river side to see Beautiful Kouyo. One of marvellous scenery is old Japanese temples and shrines.


There are a lot of different types of Kouyou trees.  A typical example is the Japanese maple. During this time, it is going to change to red leaves.  And also zelkova tree, Kaki tree, crape myrtle and etc are changing red as well.


Japanese maple (Momiji)


A well-known tree to change the yellow colour leaves tree is a ginkgo tree.

Ginkgo tree

Ginkgo tree (Ichou)


Do you know that you can eat the nut of the ginkgo tree?

Ginkgo nut

Ginkgo nut (Ginnan)


My favourite temple with nice coloured leaves is Sanzenin(三千院) in Kyoto.