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What is Miso?

What is Miso used for and how is it Made?

Miso(味噌) is Japanese seasoning used to flavour soups and other foods. It is made by mixing steamed soybean, salt and Koji (malted rice). Sometimes other ingredients are used in addition.

Cooking with MisoOne of the traditional Japanese flavors, taste is a rich and salty paste. Miso soup is very popular in Japan especially in the morning.

Miso is very good for you and nice way to wake up your body straight away. Miso is great help recover from Hang over!  It contains isoflavones, saponins Vitamin B2 and B12 etc.

Many parts of Japan are making their own Miso which is white, red and dark brown etc.  And they make tasty local dishes. I will introduce and update Miso dishes in future!


  1. very nice recipies and good way to explain the easy and simple……..!
    thank u…………………!

    • Thanks for the feedback, we’re happy you like the recipes! Please let us know which other Japanese food you would like a recipe for.

  2. I will try tonight and think is good. Thanks very much.

    • Sorry for the late reply, I missed your comment before. Thanks very much for your kind comment. We will be adding new posts about Japan soon.